Why I am Thankful (the magazine edition)

Four moms and I teach a co-op preschool class.  We have it twice a week and each teach two weeks at a time.  This week is my week and tomorrow I am supposed to have the kids cut up magazines I have around the house to make an I Am Thankful For collage.

After collecting what I had lying around, I came up with this possible collage.(Note: just because I have the magazine does not mean I have a SUBSCRIPTION; it is ok to read crap every week as long as it is not actually sent to your home.  And the following statements may or may not reflect the viewpoints of the author; they may just be the only thing I could come up with.)

I Am Thankful For:

  1. Cranberry Clafouti (Martha Stewart Living)- no clue what this is but looks yummy
  2. Comedy on Television and/or Melissa McCarthy (Last Week’s Entertainment Weekly)
  3. Kermit the Frog (This Week’s Entertainment Weekly)
  4. Feel Good Drape Cardigans (Latest Land’s End Catalog) – looks compfy
  5. Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State and is only serving one term – I think this covers both sides nicely (Last Week’s Time)
  6. Switzerland still has a finishing school (This Week’s Time; it didn’t have much to be thankful for; mostly about crappy economy.  Must have been a very depressing week.)
  7. SmartWool Pressed-Flower Ankle Socks (Latest Garnet Hill Catalogue; it’s the only thing in it I think I can afford besides monograming but can’t afford whatever they monogram.)
  8. Kim Kardashian didn’t stay in a loveless marriage one hour (minute, second) more (People) I buy it for the crossword.

So if you had to choose what you are thankful for by what magazine you read, what would it be?

4 responses to “Why I am Thankful (the magazine edition)

  1. Elena Aitken

    Hmm….This is kinda tough…I get Writers’ Digest, so I guess I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to write. (My first love, ssh, don’t tell hubby)
    -I also get Runner’s World – So I’m absolutely thankful that I have a healthy body and the ability to move it. (sometimes relatively quickly)
    That’s really all I can think of…hard question. Clearly I’m not cut out for pre-school. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Stanfel

    I am thankful for the High Country News issue that they tell me is coming soon (I hope) that willl publish my next article. Maybe that HCN paycheck will fund 4 minutes of my Black Friday shopping. That would be nice.

    I am thankful for all the Peoples that my doctors subscribe to, so that I can read trash guilt-free. Somehow seeing Sarah Jessica Parker’s lace dress phenomenon or other frivolous delights helps with a difficult treatment.

    I am thankful for the New Yorkers, Economists, Harpers, Atlantics, and Granta we subscribe to. Even though I don’t usually get through them all, I feel just a little smarter to have them jammed into my recycling bin.

    And let me not forget. I am thankful for Comedy of Errers.

    • Thank you. One day I hope to contribute regularly to a magazine. I think the best part of doctor’s offices are trashy magazines. Kevin doesn’t understand this.

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