Why I will not be finishing NANO

Over Thanksgiving, I made this.  It actually tasted ok as well and my mom only cut 3 apples, cut up the butter, got out all of the ingredients for me and kept asking me what else I needed.  (If you read this, you will get that.)

I also took my kids swimming twice, took them to see Puss in Boots with their cousins, had dinner with a friend, saw my sister, and went shopping on Friday.  (I think that last one was from delirium caused by turkey overload.)  Sadly, I only took pictures of the pie.  I guess my priorities are unbalanced.

But between all of that, I did not get my 50,000 words in and I’m not writing 30,000 in the next two days.  Because I have a tree for the Festival of Trees to put up, tap dance lessons to attend, a birthday gift to buy, a house to clean, order pizza make dinner, make sure a skating party for 600 people is organized, take my daughter to ballet rehearsal and performance, watch my son play basketball, got to a wedding, go to a Christmas party, go to a church meeting, and run for office.  (actually, 50% of this is all happening Saturday, but you get the picture… tis the season.)

At the same time, for me to have a happy holiday season, I have to get the writing in. And I will.  Even if I have to count writing addresses on xmas cards!

5 responses to “Why I will not be finishing NANO

  1. Elena Aitken

    I totally get it. Busy busy.
    Hey, do what you can/want to…the rest can wait. That’s what new years resolutions are for, right?

  2. I so get it, too. You can’t give up on living your life with your family…even if you might want to sometimes (or is that just me…?)

  3. Trish Loye Elliott

    I soooo get this. Like Elena said, do what you can and don’t let guilt rule you (doesn’t sound like you are). The pie looks scrumptious btw!

  4. Tryptophan is the cause of all irrational Thanksgiving behavior. It gives me an out of body experience on Friday each year when I suddenly find myself at a mall or enroute to one.

    FYI: It can also prevent one from writing for MONTHS (maybe even a solid year) after consumption.

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