Running out of Gift Ideas

I have a friend who is really difficult to buy for and this year I have no creative juices flowing when it comes to gift giving.  I sent my parents a check.  How sad is that?

I sent my sister restaurant gift cards but my friend does no gluten so I didn’t know what would be a good restaurant.

She doesn’t like box/chain stores so Target gift card is out of the question.

I made gluten free brownies the other day, tried them, threw them away.

She is into the environment so I was gonna get her some non-latex balloons she could open and put air back into the universe but I don’t exhale oxygen and helium is bad, I guess.

I’m thinking of giving her giftcards to local stores although she doesn’t live by me.  I figure:

1. it will force a visit or

2. she may regift them back to me for my b-day in 2 months.

(I blame my crisis.)


7 responses to “Running out of Gift Ideas

  1. If she is into the environment maybe donate to an environmental charity in her name? Like WWF or something?

    • That is actually a great idea. During this time of year, I focus more on food share and those programs instead of national charities.

  2. Donation in her name to a charity she supports?

  3. Elena Aitken

    I agree with Donation, and/or…etsy. Check it out…jewelry, and basically everything else you could ever imagine. Most, handmade..
    I can waste HOURS on that site.

  4. Rebecca Stanfel

    I’m just going to jump on the bandwago

  5. Rebecca Stanfel

    I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon here. There are so many awesome charitable organizations. You can match your friend’s interests pretty clooely. Etsy is also a good idea. Alternately, you can track down a spa/nice hairplace online. Doesn’t everybody love pedicures or massages?

    You are a good friend to think so intensely about the right gift.


  6. Anything is better than the cheap, rash producing body lotions people gift at this time of year. So as long as you steer clear of those your golden!

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