What I’m giving up for Writing

I have decided to make writing my job.  I read these two posts on wordbitches and Kristen Lamb’s blog, both on treating writing like a job and realized that I owe it to myself and to my family, really, to take myself more seriously.  Instead of a word count, I will be working on hours a day.  I want a part time job of 20 hours a week.  I have to take what I really and truly want more seriously.  I want to write.  So I start my new job on Monday.

The other job I am giving myself is to get in shape.  I will be 40 in a year.  I have written about how excited I am about this.  When I mentioned in my book group that I was dreading my birthday, they asked me if it was my 30th.  They drink wine during book group.  A LOT of wine.  But I must say I take pretty good care of my skin.  I’m masking right now.

My friend Elena Aitken gave me a workout schedule to run a 5k in March and doing something with weights on off days.  It may actually kill me.  Right now, the only part of my body that doesn’t hurt is my fingers.  Otherwise I would not be able to type this.  Which is good because I’m starting my other job on Monday.

But between these two things, I’ve got to cut down on something.  I jog while watching TV or I do laundry while studying medicine (by watching House or  Grey’s Anatomy.  Their medical experts are the closest I will get to medical school.)

So I can keep TV and laundry.  I don’t clean my house now so I can’t really give that up.

I think personal hygiene may have to go because at my age it takes a REALLY long time to look good.  You have to keep masks on for ten minutes and then rinse AFTER you have already washed your face.  It’s a whole extra step.

I also think giving it up will give me more time to write because no one will want to be around me.  But like most artists, I will sacrifice for my art.

Went through my pictures and thought this might be ok to represent bad hygiene.

7 responses to “What I’m giving up for Writing

  1. Rebecca Stanfel

    I can’t speak for your hygiene or fitness routines, but as to your writing life, I say YAY! I’m looking forward to reading your hourly work count.


  2. Congratulations on your new job! You are a much better woman than I. Otherwise my book would be done by now.

  3. You go, M! You are inspiring me. The get in shape thing. Feb 1… I swear. Moments after my 41st birthday.

  4. Elena Aitken

    Congrats on the decision.
    Taking your writing seriously is HUGE. Because if you don’t, NO ONE will!
    I saw huge differences when I did this.
    And as for the running…you got it. No prob. Plus, I get some great ideas while running. It’s multi-tasking at its finest.
    (I’m not going to comment on the fact that you spelled my last name wrong) oh wait… 🙂

    • FIXED IT. I swear I double checked and when I looked again, I still didn’t see it. It took Four times!!!!

  5. Emilie Rawson

    Laughing so hard I fell off my chair. Do not, I repeat do not give up the hygeine. I have two teenage and one younger boy that STINK, yuck. It would however give you much to write about regarding people and their encounters with you. Still laughing and you should be greatful you dont work out with THOR, every part of me hurts, including my fingers.

  6. Trish Loye Elliott

    Good for you for getting a new job! I love the fact that you’re taking control of your life. Remember baby steps my friend. (BTW thanks for linking to my post!) Good luck with the job. I want to hear updates AND I want to know about your running. You’ve inspired me. I’m going to start running again (AGAIN) next week. (I seem to always be starting getting in shape.) Good luck!

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