My Inability to be Paparazzi

I have always gone to Sundance to watch movies.  Because it would be a miserable failure if I went to stalk.

I’m just not very good at recognizing famous people.  They need to wear signs.

For instance, last weekend, I’m pretty sure I saw a Vampire, but he wasn’t sparkling so I couldn’t really tell.

And then there was another guy who I’m pretty sure I’ve seen on screen.  You know, that one?  With brown hair?

Watching all the paparazzi, I realized I could never succeed at that job because I would need face recognition software.  I would have to take pictures of everyone I saw just to make sure I didn’t miss someone.

Because, to be honest, when I see someone that looks familiar at Sundance, I usually think I knew them in college.

6 responses to “My Inability to be Paparazzi

  1. lol…thats awesome, Marianne. Very refreshing in our star-stalker culture!

  2. Loved your blog. So funny.

  3. LOL!!! This is soooo me!! I could probably walk down Rodeo drive and not see one single person I could put a name and character/movie to. Yet I see so many people at Wal-Mart and think, “I know them from somewhere…”

    • I walked down Rodeo drive once and realized one of these things did not belong… mainly me.

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