Becoming James Bond

I’m a stay at home mom of 3 kids.  I spend my days telling people to put their shoes away and flush the toilet.  This isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

And sometimes I long for glamor.

So occasionally, I base my decisions on one question:

What would James Bond do?

(I like to pretend everyone does this.)

I bought a new piece of luggage from REI because REI is about adventure and taking a trip on the ‘wild’ side.  Of course, I’ve never actually seen Bond with luggage.  And my bag is orange because it’s easier to identify and Bond would probably use black.  But he doesn’t fly commercial.

I’ve also been looking for a watch that I can wear underwater to 200 feet just in case I’m being chased on a rooftop and my only solution is to dive into the ocean – to a depth I would probably die at without slow pressurization.  At the same time, I like switching my watches according to my moods.  Watches that can go 200 feet are REALLY expensive.  I would have one.  For the rest of my life.

I’ve tried running in heels as well, but that’s just stupid.

Becoming James Bond may not be an obtainable goal for me.

My kids are going to be really disappointed.

Remember these shoes? These are gorgeous shoes. You do not run in these shoes. You stand in them while looking condescending at people not in these shoes.

12 responses to “Becoming James Bond

  1. I’m not sure I could even just stand around in those shoes…and I don’t even own a watch! My iphone would be toast long before I got to 200 feet.

  2. Ha! Good one, Marianne.

    “Of course, I’ve never actually seen Bond with luggage.”

    Watch ‘From Russia With Love”. You’ll see luggage there ;-).


  3. Too funny and love that you want to be him and not one of his ‘women’ which means no high heels and not bikini. 🙂

  4. I used to ask myself “What would Nancy Drew do?”

  5. I love it: “What would James Bond do?” I second Diana’s sentiment as well. And yes, running in heels is stupid. But they are pretty nonetheless. 🙂

  6. Gosh — that makes my own stay-at-home-with-three-kids life sound much more exciting! Let’s see — we just conquered the skating rink and made it safe for the next birthday party. Now we’re off to check the food in the fridge to make sure its safe for dinner!

  7. Trish Loye Elliott

    I Love it! I totally do this too.
    Your shoes are awesome and you should totally look down on us peons who don’t have them! 😉

  8. Great shoes. Great post. WWJBD?

  9. Love the shoes. Maybe you could run in them if they were red.

  10. Ha ha…I think I will use this phrase every time I have to do an undesirable task, which is everyday of course. I think the answer is that James Bond would not do it, right? He is so sexy classy that he can get away with anything. I think the reason he can get away is that he is dressed so well.

    Good one, he does not carry luggage either. : ) For some reason I see in my head James Bond speed skiing down steep mountains in flashy colors showing no perspiration, maybe carrying a briefcase?

    I don’t wear watches mostly anymore…so no comments there.

    I love those shoes and agree that they are not for running. You are allowed to look down on us who were clunky clogs… : )

  11. Your three kids and stay at home status provided you entry into the impossible daily life tasks of James Bond now just pretend it’s glamorous. Either that or break an ankle running in those shoes…your choice.

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