A Romantic Birthday Getaway or Something

My husband was given tickets to the BYU/Gonzaga game.  It is in Spokane Thursday night, a six-hour car trip one way.  And it is my birthday Sunday.

I will pause for a moment to shamelessly solicit birthday wishes.

How he asked me to go with him:

Marianne, would you like to go away for a romantic get away for your birthday?

Me: That sounds like fun.

Him: AND to top it all off, we can go to the BYU game.

Me: We are going to a romantic basketball game for my birthday?

Him: It’s supposed to be a really good game.

Me: What else will we be doing?

Him: I thought we could get a nice lunch that (the contractor who is building his office building) recommended.

Me: He recommended a restaurant?

Him: He thought it would be fun to join us for lunch.

Me: For my birthday?

Him: Exactly.  And maybe go over a couple last minute building details.

Me: And then after lunch and before the game we can go to the most expensive jewelers in Spokane so that I can have the properly sized diamond earrings for a college basketball game?

Him: (slight pause) Exactly what I was thinking.

Go Cougs!

(We’re not actually going to the jewelry store.  But getting the pricey fountain pen I want at Office Max doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)  (And yes, I am aware of the pun and I apologize.)

16 responses to “A Romantic Birthday Getaway or Something

  1. That sounds familiar to me except that I wondered in the streets while he attended a conference. Luckily I know how to shop.
    Happy Birthday! A pen is so much more fun that jewelry. : )

  2. Happiest Birthdays, Marianne. As long-time husband I can tell you, you nailed the we-can-do-both-things-at-once male perspective with this fun post.

  3. Hilarious. From afar. I’ve been there.

    My husband is a BIG Gonzaga fan. Never been to a game, though. He’d love to go for your birthday!

    • Kevin has another friend who would make me a cake in exchange for the tickets. It all depends on when the new refrigerator will be delivered… The excitement never ends.

  4. So Kevin. So sorry. Happy birthday!

  5. Nice! Gotta LOVE your life! Kevin knows how to mix it up… gotta love HIM for that… Nothing boring! Have a FABULOUS Birthday! :)Will be thinking of you!

  6. I definitely would have gone for the earrings.

  7. I don’t know which is funnier – your post or the tweets you sent from the game.
    Happy Birthday!

    • It was so much easier to tweet than to watch that game. It was really depressing. And the guy in front of us was, uhm, annoying.

  8. Well all I can offer is a belated Happy Birthday and my condolences. You should have bartered for the diamond earrings.

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