Daylight Saving saves daylight

Daylight Savings is killing my family.  So I researched it.

I read Piper Bayard’s blog on Daylight Savings and found out I can blame the railroads for needing standard times.

I googled “Why do we have Daylight Savings” and found the daylight saving website.  I found out we have daylight saving to


save daylight in the evenings.

This, in turn, saves electricity according to studies done in 1975 which started to be refuted in 1976.    Another rational is that there are less traffic accidents in the evening now although there is an increase in morning accidents.  And there are more pedestrian involved accidents the week after we change our clocks in the fall.

After reading the article, it seemed to me that the benefits we get in the spring are disadvantages in the fall and vise versa.

I don’t get it.  I really don’t.  I thought it had to do with farms and cows and milking, but it really has to do with saving electricity.  And I want it to stop because my kids take at least a week to get over getting up earlier and I learned from my research that there is a higher likelihood they are going to get hit by a car this fall.

So I’m leaving the hallway light on for the rest of my life.  In case they do another study.

(In case you love Daylight Saving, they have an app for it. “Discover when and where people observe Daylight Saving Time and Summer Time, and when you should switch your clocks. “)  (What they need is an app telling you when you are about to get hit by a car.)

8 responses to “Daylight Saving saves daylight

  1. I am so bitter about Daylight Saving B.S. Even more perplexing than why we do it is why one measly hour has such a catastrophic effect on my kids. It’s like we’ve just flown in from Melbourne twice a year. #stabby

  2. Welcome recent convert, Marianne. This has been a cause of mine for so freakin’ long it’s not even funny. The amount of energy used and disruption in schedules (across all businesses and schools) it causes (twice a year) every time we do this time-change inanity is staggering. If Daylight Saving Time is so great, why go off of it at all? Sheesh!

    Anyway, there are a number of sites dedicated toward ending this, End Day Light Savings Time being one (with a petition). Thanks, Marianne.

  3. I’m trying to find the positives… I found this ONE:
    -More daylight hours for kids to walk the dog in… no more excuses that there is not enough time because of it being dark – we just got a bonus hour of light! [Side note: Walking the dog is good exercise for the kids as well as the dog… (ONE positive reason for the dogs :).] 🙂

  4. I never understood daylight savings. I too thought it had to do with cows because no matter how I reasoned daylight could not be saved. Please start a movement to put an end to this foolish practice. I have yet to meet a person who loved daylight savings. Arrghh!

  5. Thanks for the background. It doesn’t save any electricity for me because I have to turn on all the lights in the early morning when I wake up. When I was living in Indiana (only parts of it have DST) I was all screwed up.

  6. LOL..Love all the comments about the cows. My dad’s family owned a farm growing up and one of his jobs was to milk the cows in the morning. His problem — the cows didn’t understand the hour had just changed and he had to work with them for a week to convince them to be ready an hour earlier … or later .. depending on the season.

  7. So, everything we “gain” in the spring we “lose’ in the fall, including the not-so-nice fact of more accidents for pedestrians. Huh. Thanks for pointing that out so I have one more thing to worry about besides daylight savings time stealing my hour and saving it (with no interest, mind you) until the fall. Dang, it’s even dumber than I originally thought.

  8. I say we keep the Spring forward and ditch the Fall back. Don’t hate. Hear me out…eventually we’ll adjust to the Spring forward and won’t have to go through another adjustment in the Fall (although this one is MUCH easier). I hate AMs and am a true creature of the night but would much rather have more daylight to sparkle in.

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