Well, I’m back from a short Spring Break with my parents.  I drive 8 hours one way with three children.  I do this so they can get to know their grandparents.  I may rethink this.

Last night, after arriving back in Montana, we gather around the sofa telling tales of our vacation.  My 6 year old says:  Dad, do you know what a widow is?

Dad: What?

6: A lady who gets married three times, kills her husbands and goes to jail.

Me and Dad: What???

6: Grandma told Seth about them.

Me: You mean Black Widows?

Seth – 4 year old- eyes get big: Yeah  She told me about Black Widow ladies who kill people. (pause) And I just wanted to know about a spider.

image from I keep hearing Barbara Streisand sing Queen Bee.

Pretty sure he won’t be dating until he’s 21 now.

7 responses to “arachnophobia

  1. That’s awesome. LOL.

    Where in Montana do you live? I grew up south of Missoula — once I found a black widow in a box in our barn, and no one believed me until I made them catch it. *Shudder*.

  2. Love the minds of young kids. Grandma: what were you thinking?:0

  3. Grandma is priceless!

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