Confusion at the Movie Theater

Dear Owners of Large Movie Theaters,

I am from a small town.  We have 1.5 movie theaters and only two screens for 3-D.  Big fancy movie theaters can be overwhelming.  In order to help those of us visiting, it would be helpful to have full explanations next to the automated ticket machine.

Because when I see:

Journey 2: 2D

Journey 2: 3D

Journey 2: 3D Imax

Journey 2: DBox

Journey 2: Why are you here?  Wait for the Rental.  Wait.  You have small children and if you go to the dinosaur museum one more time you’re going to poke out an eye with a t-rex tooth, aren’t you?  Then seeing this movie today is actually a good idea.

I get really, really confused.  And I buy DBox because it’s the next showing and it turns out to cost $50,000 and it’s not 3D and we sit down and my kids’ seats start moving freaking us out for the first 10 minutes.

I don’t mind, really.  I would just like a heads-up. (Especially if the movie would be better in 3D).

Thank you,

Small Town Hick.

3 responses to “Confusion at the Movie Theater

  1. I live in a big city, but I’m old, so it’s confusing for me, too. I feel your pain.

  2. I’ve never tried the DBox. I kind of worry it might make me nauseous…..

  3. I must be from a smaller town than I realized! DBox? Hmmm…

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