I Fell. And it hurt.

A month or so ago I said I would consider writing a part time job.  I lied.  Big time.  If it really was a job, I’d been fired about 3 days after I’d written that post.  Instead, I’m exercising.  I think I’ll do just about anything to avoid finishing my manuscript.

Yesterday, I ran around a block 7 times.  We ran up hill as fast as we could then recovered the next 3 lengths of the block, making a square.  My friend Cathy and I were the first ones there.  Sarah, the instructor, told the two of us that if I’d worn shorts, she would have cut the number of drills by one.  I wore capris.  I’m buying shorts tomorrow.

Then, after going home, I worried I wasn’t getting enough combination training in.  So I decided to go on a short bike ride. Then I was going to pack a room and write for an hour.  Because I’m nothing if not unrealistic.

I rode about a mile, turned down a side rode, and decided to turn around.  I hadn’t seen anyone on my ride.  Until I decided to turn around.  There were four people in their yard who watched me turn on gravel.  My bike slid out from under me and I slid across the road.  I’m really glad I was wearing capris.

I got up.  The people asked me if I was ok.  I said I was.  I tried to ride away.  My chain was off.  I put it back on before one of the guys got to me to help.  I was feeling really tough.  Until the air hit my arm which was missing a layer of skin.  Then I felt like calling my husband on my cell and telling him to come get me.  But I made it home.

Kevin wouldn’t clean out my wound.  He told me to shower.  He mentioned something about me being mean when hurt.  I took a shower.  I yelled a little when water hit my arm.  I got out.  Kevin looked at my arm and mentioned I didn’t clean it very well.  I told him to shut up.  (this may be what he’s talking about.)  I asked for morphine.  He said he was plum out.

I put a big bandage on it because it makes me feel better.  Then I wrote a paragraph and went to bed.

I will do anything to get out of writing.


This is smaller than it looks in real life.  In real life, it’s 2 feet long.

8 responses to “I Fell. And it hurt.

  1. Bwaa ha ha ha, I’m so sorry you have a boo boo. I have some fun things you could do to distract you instead of running, riding and swimming. Good luck oh tough one.

  2. Yup, skinned by the street… As a speedskater, I know that injury well. (It’s most fun when you land on your butt and rip open those capris at the most inconvenint place. Epidermis AND spandex smeared across the asphalt.) And, just fyi, it doesn’t get any less painful the more often you do it.

    You are tough, but please be careful next time – it’s really an urban jungle out there.

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall, Marianne. But it reminded me of my cycling days (especially after you described the shower and the wound’s reaction). Painfully familiar. Believe it or not, the real reason cyclists, the guys, shaved their legs was not for anything esoteric, or even aerodynamic, but for wound care. Hairy legs and road rash don’t mix well. I learned the hard way. And when you ride a bike, that’s important as it’s not if you fall, but when you fall. Tagaderm is a good breathable bandage for such wounds. Just keep it clean (I could tell you stories about using a brush to scrub the wound, but don’t want to freak you out). Here’s a good article about general care for cyclists. HTH

    • Shaving legs for wound care actually makes sense. I will look up the article. I’m in slight denial I’ll fall again. Ok. I’m in complete denial.

  4. Ouch. I had a bad wipe out once….gravel imbedded into my leg and palm. I was scared of my bike after that. It glared at me. Go, Bandaid, Go. And Trash TV. That helps too.

    • I watched “Someone Like You” with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman. I felt immensely better after that.

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