DH played an ace

I feel as though I must write this post in order to give a balanced view of my Dear Husband.  (Especially after writing about my previous  birthday celebration.)

One of Kevin’s employees got married yesterday in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He asked her if it was important that he go.  She said yes.  So he said he would go.  He asked me to go.  I said no.

Don’t judge me.

We’re remodeling, moving, getting furniture delivered, training, learning to swim, and taking kids to horseback riding lessons and soccer.  (That is what I was supposed to do yesterday.)  And when I say “we” I mean me.  I’m overwhelmed.  Flying to Salt Lake City seemed like a bad idea.

But then Kevin asked again and said, “I have a babysitter.”  I still said no because I’m still overwhelmed.

Then on Friday, he called me at about 2pm and said, “I made you an appointment with Juan.”

I was shocked.  For those of you who don’t know, Juan is the hair stylist at Estilo Salon in Salt Lake City.  His wife, Rina, does brows.  They are AMAZING and make you feel AMAZING and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this salon.  I go about three times a year because the commute is hell.  They are booked out at least 2 weeks or more.  And they were making time for me.  (Almost everyone I’ve met in real life has heard of Juan and Rina.  Luckily for them, I’m really really bad at stalking.  Especially 3 states away.  But I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends if I lived in Salt Lake.  Because I would move in next to them.  Because moving in with them is illegal.  I need to read up on how to be a squatter.)

Once Kevin pulled the Juan card, I knew he wanted me to go.  He didn’t even know the name of the salon.  He googled Juan, salon, salt lake city; called them and asked if they knew a redhead named Marianne from Montana.  There was a bit of effort here.  So I said yes.  Rina and Juan had balloons for me and Juan highlighted my hair blonde because he said it would be a great idea.  And I pretty much do whatever Juan and Rina say.  Because they are right.  And they have accents.

Kevin and I had a great day.  We ate at The Park Cafe, went to the wedding, shopped at City Creek, and had dinner with my brother, in from Denver, and my mom.  It was a really amazing day.

Kevin won.

I hate taking photos of myself. I may need to get over this but not today. So enjoy a nice mixture of my new  hair color and my curtains. I think they match beautifully.  (and yes, that is the evil eye)

3 responses to “DH played an ace

  1. Kevin is making it tougher for the rest of husband-shmoes out here ;-). Anyway, good for the both of you 🙂

  2. livrancourt

    OMG I can’t believe I didn’t see this till today. I love your HAIR & your CURTAINS. And I’m glad you had a great day.

  3. Kevin “Juan” indeed!! Great play Kevin and great hair Marianne!

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