Avenger Underwear is the Source of the Problem

I’m having one of those days I have once or twice a month.  Those days you have when you wake up and you can’t take your life anymore.  Where you spent yesterday doing all of the laundry only to wake up today with the laundry basket full again.  How does this happen?  Do my kids know that I get cranky when the clothes overflow so they hide stuff until it’s empty?

One of the days when you washed 5 pair of your 5 year old’s underwear only to open the drawer this morning to one pair.  You had bought this 5 year old Avenger underwear which he declared unfit so he put all of his underwear with his sister’s pj’s.  Even the favored Star Wars underwear.  It took me a full five minutes to get this information.  And five minutes is a huge chunk of time when getting 3 kids to school.

One of the days when Starburst wrappers on the bed spread spark a continuous stream of mumbled words focused on being underappreciated to come from my mouth.

I always apologize once I realize they’re children and my room is messier than theirs (which is also not my fault) and then I start to blame myself for buying my daughter a Sunday coat so that she has two coats to hang up or the fact I bought my son underwear without consulting him on the style.

I apologize once I hear words I’ve spoken coming out of their mouths or them blaming each other in a similar tone to mine and then I drop them off at school and see my 5 year old running into his class and it tugs at my heart and I think, does it really, really matter? And I think of all those talks I’ve heard about enjoying my children’s youth and how I’ll look back on these times and not think about the laundry.

And then I think: that’s a huge load of crap.

Right now, I cannot get ahead of anything I’m responsible for: laundry, dinner, homework, piano playing, etc.  Because every day I get up, it starts all over again.  Occasionally we have crackers and cheese for dinner and occasionally I completely drop the ball on homework, but generally it gets done and it has to get done every day. And there really isn’t any headway to be gained.

And if this wouldn’t cause you a little frustration, you’re weird.

It looks peaceful and non-threatening. But it is evil. Evil, I tell you.

11 responses to “Avenger Underwear is the Source of the Problem

  1. It’s really the not being able to ever get in front of it that is the most frustrating. Laundry…dishes (ye gods, I have to do them by hand and I’m already the world’s worst housekeeper)…the never being able to finish and be done. It distracts from all the wonderful things like those fleeting childhood moments, which, unfortunately, do get “done” and never come back.

    • You’re right… those are the things that never come back. I think part of my frustration today is my inability to balance it all.

  2. I believe this was the same reason my wife began to teach our children how to load and wash clothes around this age.

    • I had that idea this morning. The kids are going to start helping with the laundry. I hope I have enough patience…

      • It’s still part of their weekly chores. Of course, it’s also resulted in my white terry cloth robe turning into French Vanilla (but I’m assured that’s a small price to pay for sanity ;-)).

      • Yeah… I may still wash all things red.

  3. If laundry and undies are your biggest deal (and house building) I’ll trade you. The stealing, lying, drugs, broken bones, lazy, lethargy and laundry is killing me. I don’t look back ever and think happy thoughts of my kids child hood. Then again maybe that’s why I’ve helped raise nine childrenand only three talk to me. Actually, don’t listen to me. I have no good advise

    • I’m actually surprised I haven’t had to deal with broken bones. I think it’s because we eat a lot of cheese pizza.

  4. I cleaned my 9 year old’s room AKA pig pen, yesterday. 6 full baskets of dirty laundry (Some hers and some her sisters). This is the SAME child that told me all her clothes were clean. The dirty ones were STUFFED under her bed and in a leaning tower of Piza style monument in her closet! I decided that half of it is getting donated. If she only has 5 undies I only have to wash 5 undies!

    Logical right?

    Let’s talk in 5 days.

    Love you! – heidi

  5. Glad to admit I am not weird. You’re lucky it happens to you only once or twice a month. If I earned frequent flyer miles for days I fly off the handle, I’d be using the points for trips to Europe… ganz allein! We have the same mysterious issue of disappearing underwear. I also don’t understand why they hide dirty clothes? That’s asking for two reasons to be… spoken to in a slightly raised voice. I’ve discovered that I’m not very sentimental, so all those cute memories of things my children do with or without me will either last… or not. My in-laws are great at remembering things, I’ll just listen to their stories and laugh then. Until then, I’ve still got loads of laundry and other chores to do.

  6. Trish Loye Elliott

    I so hear you on this topic! I constantly struggle with guilt as well. I hate when I hear my kids talking in a nasty tone and realize they’re copying me. Ugh. It all works out in the end. I hope.

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