I am from Atlantis via Ireland

I spent a lot of time at the pool this summer.  I was there Monday, Wednesday and Friday for swimming lessons for my kids.  I swam laps during this time. When those were over, I took swimming lessons in the evenings.  And occasionally during all of this time, I took my kids to the pool so they could frolic in the water.

It was inevitable something odd would happen.

After my swimming lessons, I liked to swim laps.  One fine summer evening, I swam a few laps when a bearded gentleman joined me.  He asked me if it would be ok if he shared my lane.  I said sure and asked if he wanted to circle swim or just divide the lane.

He said, “Oh, no. I’m a lazy, bearded man. I’m just going to sit here.”


“If you soak your forehead in water, it keeps you thin.  This would be why adults who swam as kids are still thin.”

Or it’s because they still swim?

“No.  It’s their forehead.”

What do you do for a living? And where are you from? (He has an accent.)

“I’m a professional beggar from Transylvania.  I go where ever I believe I should be.”

Well, I hope you believe you should be somewhere else when winter hits because it’s gonna get cold.

“Where are you from? Ireland?” (I was laughing a lot during our conversation and he was questioning who laughs like I do.  I’ve been told it’s memorable which is polite for loud.)

I said I was from Connecticut.

“No.  You are from Ireland and many from Ireland are actually from Atlantis in a previous life.”

And we ended it there.  I mean, wouldn’t you?

13 responses to “I am from Atlantis via Ireland

  1. Trish Loye Elliott

    Only you…

  2. Rebecca Stanfel

    What Trish said.

  3. Good one. I see you don’t have to be from L.A. to experience similar, ahem, bizarre episodes 😉

  4. Elena Aitken


  5. Great conversation! The fact that you were drawn to the pool so much last summer might be indicative of the fact that you are, in truth, from Atlantis in a previous life.

  6. Odd. And fun. Where is that pool?

  7. You have some of the funniest experiences. In the next life I want to be you. Or be that devil on your shoulder that will get to hear all the funny things.

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