I’m Not Sure How to Take This

I live in a small town.  There aren’t many reasons to get dressed up here.  And my husband and I aren’t invited to many of the reasons to get dressed up.  Perhaps I should look into that.

So I don’t dress up often.  This fact is always accentuated by how surprised people are to see me with my hair curled and my eyes with a “smokey” look.  People, who see me all the time, pause when they see me at fundraisers.  I’ve had 2 people not even recognize me.

I’m not sure what this means.  It may mean nothing at all.  But seeing as I interpret hitting four green lights in a row as a sign from God, I’m pretty sure people not recognizing a 5’ 10” redhead because my hair is curled and I’m wearing make-up has life changing significance.  And I think the life change is that I need to start wearing heels to Target.

(It’ll be ok.  I don’t walk well in heels but I can lean against the cart.  I’m pretty sure this will cut down sprained ankles by 50%.  Which means I should always have one good ankle.)

I was thinking of wearing make-up while working out, but that would just be stupid.

My normal look. Maybe I should wear the pink socks with the heels. They help with circulation.

2 responses to “I’m Not Sure How to Take This

  1. Good sense with color, Marianne 😀

  2. I want some pink socks. Just sayin.

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