Black Friday Shopping

Scene: 9:30 pm.  A Pediatric Dentist and his wife turn in early because they are living the dream.  His cell phone rings.

PD: Hello?

Women with heavy German accent: Dr. Rencher?

PD: Yea?

Woman: I am Olga from the Hutterite colony Summerfest.  (name and colony made up)  Are you going Black Friday shopping?

PD: Uhm, maybe?

Woman: Could you buy me something?

PD: I guess… (said with intense confusion.)

Woman: Could you get me a steam iron at Sears?  It is normally $40 but is on sale for $20.

PD: OK (said with hesitation.)

Woman: I will be bringing my children Monday and I will pay for it then.  I promise to pay for it.

PD: I’m not worried.

Woman:  OK.  Thank you.  Goodbye.

PD turns to wife: I’ve never had that happen before.  Is this normal?

Wife: Yes.  In Germany, in the 1800’s when the Hutterites left, people would often ask their Pediatric Dentist to go Black Friday shopping for them.  And then they brought him a live chicken.

(Or perhaps the better question may be why my husband agreed to buy a steam iron for a random person because he’s their kids’ dentist.  If this gets out, we may be using the extra office space to open a personal shopping business.  We match your fillings with a nice hat and glove set.)

13 responses to “Black Friday Shopping

  1. Elena Aitken

    That’s crazy.
    Um…can I put in an order as well? No steam iron here though….but shoes…

  2. I think your husband is a super nice guy.

  3. Tracy Purdy

    That is seriously weird.

  4. Did this really happen?

    • It did. I told a couple friends and they’ve decided to call Kevin about some griddles and waffle makers they’ve been looking at.

  5. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  6. I am crying for laughing. That is hilarious.

  7. Kate McIvor


  8. Oh my goodness! I’m crying!! Bless Kevin’s heart and your sense of humor! By the way, you gotta let us know if the live chicken shows up in the office tomorrow! ::wink::

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