Happy Mardi Gras!

(Sorry I’ve been missing.  I was hiding in a box I’d packed for my move.  I’m unpacked now.)

Tonight is a Mardi Gras party at a friends house.  I don’t know much about Mardi Gras.  I go for the food.

I don’t drink.  I think alcohol has something to do with Mardi Gras but I’m not positive.  I know hurricanes do; which I think is odd.  Why would you have a holiday to celebrate a destructive storm?

I guess it’s good I don’t drink because I’d probably overdo while waiting for new house things.  Everyone gives me a 2-4 hour time slot they will come but never the same 2-4 hour time slot.  And I try and think of things to do during this time, but I bet the time would go faster if I were passed out.

Unless I needed to phone for help.

Because I can’t get my land line to work.

It’s everyone and no one’s fault.  So I’m calling in a 3rd option and if they get them to work then they get my contract.  I should probably stay sober for that.  Especially since when I called the 3rd party yesterday they kept asking me for a land line number and I kept trying to explain that is why I was calling.  And I didn’t call the right number.  I called repairs instead of new service.  She did not understand that I did not have service and would like to be transferred.  I should’ve hung up but after you invest some time in convincing someone you are calling to get a land line because you don’t have one, you want to see it through.  Get a sense of closure.  Dream about the time the phone company was a monopoly and may have charged too much but worked.

I remember when there were phone specialists.  Instead of phones being tied up with internet and tv.   It’s like a perfect storm.

Or Hurricane.

I'm thinking this would look great with beads.

I’m thinking this would look great with beads.

2 responses to “Happy Mardi Gras!

  1. Wonderful. Welcome back. Glad you unpacked yourself. If I had to guess…drinking has a fair amount to do with Mardi Gras. Love your writing.

  2. Mardi Gras has to do with excessive before Ash Wednesday and Lent. That would include food and drinking. Glad you’ve gotten settled. Enjoy your party. Welcome back.

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