40th Bday Part 1

I took a moment of silence this week in honor of turning 40. And I stopped crying about an hour ago.

It hasn’t been that bad, actually. I received KISS drinking glasses, Wonder Woman socks, a running belt, a drill set (which was obviously a gag gift), and  my husband took me to Italy to take the edge off (Post to come.)

My husband also threw me a surprise party. My friend, Sharon, had the job of getting me out of the house. She took me to a movie. We were supposed to go to Safe Haven. I decided I couldn’t sit and watch a couple 20-somethings who have no clue fall in love with each other while their metabolisms allow them to eat cake without thinking about the calories.

Instead we went to Die Hard.

I spent my 40th bday watching a 57 year old stand up after getting kicked in the gut a lot.

It was perfect.


Running belt, shoes, and KISS… The 40’s are looking ok.

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