Vocabulary Lessons

We are going backpacking as a family.  I’m not sure what has come over us but I guess we’re trying to force nature on our children.  It makes me feel better about letting small electronic devices occupy their time when I want a nap.

And to be honest, Kevin originally asked me if I wanted to go HIKING as a family.  Then he told his friend we were going BACKPACKING.  He didn’t think his change in vocabulary was that big a deal until I said I was going to buy a 2k cubic zirconia but was actually going to buy a 2k diamond.

I’m nervous about the backpack I’ll be wearing.  Kevin has said it’s a horrible bag but now that we need me to wear it, he is now saying it’s horrible because it’s too small not because it’s a horrible bag.  I’m usually not as picky on vocabulary as I have been recently.  But if I have to carry all of my possessions on my back, I need an amazing backpack and I think that’s why the story has changed.  Amazing backpacks come with an amazing price.

And we can’t afford it anymore.  Not after my previous vocabulary lesson.

(Dear prospective thieves: I didn’t REALLY buy a 2k diamond.  But it made for a better ending.  If you look through my jewelry box, you will find the cubic zirconia.  What if I just leave you a $20 on the front door?)

5 responses to “Vocabulary Lessons

  1. That’s a big change in a single word. I do hiking on occasion (we have trails nearby), but backpacking is another realm entirely — and I like indoor plumbing ;-).

  2. livrancourt

    Funny! We sent my son (13 yo) off with the Boy Scouts this week for a 50-mile hike. I’m less concerned about the physical demands of hiking 50 miles with everything on his back than I am about the potential for Team Fortress 2 withdrawal…
    (And I totally think you should do the diamond thing next time.)

    • My kids asked for electronics once. And I just stared at them. And then went off and played with some sticks.

  3. How much you like your backpack has everything to do with what you put inside – or more specifically leave out. The lighter the better. It’s fun to train up little backpackers. Our kids carry only their own clothes and water right now, but I hope to be sneaking some of my stuff into their packs in a few years.

    • I completely agree! My youngest 2 carried clothes and water and a card game. On the way back, they carried a little more because they were excited to get to the car and didn’t notice the extra flashlight!

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