A Covert, Elementary Operation

So my friend was making fun of me because I was wondering if I should change my running route.  In case someone has been following me and noting that I run the same three mile path every time I run.  At varying times during the day.

And that’s the thing.  I don’t run the same time every day.  But I generally run the same path.  And I watch Elementary so I know that running the same path is a bad idea.

If you run at the same time every day.

In New York City.

Which may have been my friend’s point.

But this has been a moot point lately because I’ve been running inside.  I want to say due to heat but it’s mainly because that’s the only time I can watch Covert Affairs. 

I may be watching too much crime drama.

Look how vulnerable I look

Look how vulnerable I look

7 responses to “A Covert, Elementary Operation

  1. I think the pink socks TOTALLY show your vulnerability….no doubt….

  2. This will get you in trouble, too, on BURN NOTICE 😉

    • Marianne Hansen

      When I started sleeping w a squirt gun under my pillow my husband made me stop watching that one

  3. valerie harker

    You should definitely be running outside, everyday, different path, or same path – because- before you know it – it will be too cold – to run outside at all. Maybe I just see things from a northerly perspective.

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