What Am I Now That I’ve Grown Up

Generally I tell people I’m a writer.  Unless I tell them I’m a lawyer. Sometimes I’m unemployed.  They’re all true.  I guess the last one isn’t.  I work for my husband now.  I often look back on unemployment fondly.

I tell people I’m a writer because that’s what I truly feel I am.  But people ask what I’ve written which is funny, actually.  Because unless you’re JK Rowling, the likelihood that someone will recognize the title of something you’ve written is very small.  Try it.

Tell someone you’re a writer and then make up a title.  If a man asks, you could say, “The Lady’s Selection” and be pretty sure he won’t look it up.  If it’s a woman, that’s a little harder.  Try “The Bloodbath that is War.”

If I tell people I’m a lawyer, they ask me what type of law I practice.  I think this is to see if they can get some free advice.

If I’m bored and tell people I’m unemployed, I’ll try and start a political debate and throw in the phrase: “what a fascist.”  That can be really hard to do at times.

I try to avoid telling people I work with my husband’s books.  Because that’s the truth.

And I went to 6 years of graduate school so I could make stuff up.

One response to “What Am I Now That I’ve Grown Up

  1. You’re a writer. Writers are people who write. And blogs are essentially immediate publication, right? So you are widely published.

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