What Exactly Constitutes the Christmas Spirit?

I’m taking a survey and I’m hoping you all agree with me because then I could tell my husband that tens of people agree with me.

Instead of baking homemade cookies that may not come out and some people may not like, I would like to deliver a plate of Pepperidge Farm cookies to all of my neighbors.

Everyone loves Pepperidge Farm cookies.  They have delicious gingerbread which is hard to do and they add peppermint to a bunch of stuff during this time of year.

The card would say: From our family to yours if we lived on a farm.  In the town of Pepperidge.

I think it would cause laughter and jealousy because everyone will wish they thought of it.  I mean, let’s be honest, no one WANTS to make 10 dozen cookies at Christmas.  We just want to look like amazing neighbors and make everyone love us.  (Especially if there’s a possibility our kid might pull out their flowers for Mother’s day.)

What do you think?  Is a plate of Pepperidge Farm cookies keeping within the Spirit of Christmas?  Would you like a plate?  (What’s your address?) 

I'd even put a store bought bow on it.

I’d even put a store bought bow on it.

5 responses to “What Exactly Constitutes the Christmas Spirit?

  1. I can’t decide if it’s genius or madness, but there’s definitely a touch of something here. Make mine those lacy chocolate sandwich ones…

  2. Kristen Crockett

    When I was a kid we made lots of different kinds of Christmas cookies every year. But Santa always put a package of Pepperidge Farms fancy cookies in our stockings. Guess which one we raved over? Sorry mom!

  3. Yay, but only if I can have Sausalitos instead of gingerbread. Not that I don’t love gingerbread, but homemade gingerbread is way better than store bought. Sausalitos, though… Mmmmm!

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