My Master Plan

I’m taking a break from doing my husband’s books and the office payroll to let you know I’m considering entering a monastery where they don’t worry about numbers. Do they? Do they have a bookkeeper there?

That would be a nightmare. If I gave up my whole entire life for a simpler existence just to do the books for a group of wine making monks. I guess I’d be getting me to a nunnery though. I have no idea what nuns make. There wasn’t a Remington Steele episode with nuns. Only monks. And they made wine. Really good wine. That a bad guy was trying to Steele.

I’m still eating better than I was by the way. My kids are too. And they haven’t cried yet.

Last night we had steak and peas. And then jerky. Because it was in the candy drawer. But my six year old would not believe it was dessert even though it was in the candy drawer.

Maybe that’s what I could do as a nun. I could open a steak house in Italy. I bet it would become a chain. And I’d become a millionaire. And I could hire someone to do the books.

6 responses to “My Master Plan

  1. I totally feel your pain. I do the books at my job and for my husband’s business. Oh, I should also add that I don’t have an accounting degree of any type and I failed pre-algebra so badly they gave up and graduated me with only “consumer math” (ie – how to figure a check book). It’s maddening. I’ve often wondered what else I could do with my life while I look for the missing 0.01 that’s keeping me from reconciling. haha Hang in there!

    And I would totally go to your steak house. Only to eat steak and peas – not to do the books.

    • Marianne Hansen

      When my kids ask when they’ll use this math again, I tell them you never know because I stopped taking math 22 years ago and look at me now :). Of course I stopped taking cooking lessons in 10th grade and I cook for 5…

  2. You just never know where life will lead you. Of course, now I wish I would have said I would hate to be a millionaire in school, rather than saying I hate math. I mean, if that’s the way the world works, I wish I would have known. 😉

  3. Keep in mind, “Well, another day has passed and I didn’t use Algebra once …” When you become a millionaire, you can hire someone to intake the fiber sludge, too 😉

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