Express Yourself

(Warning: The following post may make some people blush. But I just had to share this item for sale.)

I get a lot of catalogs in the mail.  Pretty much one every day.  I throw most of them away, but I always look through Nordstrom (I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign for a pair of Kate Spade wedges) and Uncommon Goods.  Both of these catalogs make me very, very happy.

Uncommon Goods is just full of fascinating stuff and Nordstrom comes with perfume samples.  I love perfume samples.  Magazines used to have them but don’t seem to anymore.  At least the magazines I get, Entertainment Weekly and National Geographic, don’t.  They really should.

Recently, while day dreaming about what I would buy if I didn’t owe the bank loads of dough, I found the “Love is Art Kit.”

“Express your love through abstract expressionism… Each kit allows couples to capture the beauty of intimacy in a new and elegant way by bringing the canvas to the bedroom.
Your choice of romantic red or bold black non-toxic paint takes shape on a white cotton canvas in the form of pure love. What’s left is a striking painting that leaves a tangible piece of your bond to hang and celebrate for years to come…
Kit includes plastic sheeting, white cotton canvas, black non-toxic and washable red or black paint, disposable slippers, body scrubber.

It gets great reviews.  Most people bought it for people they didn’t want to get something “usual.”

I think this could be a fascinating idea, but I have one issue.

If someone sees it and asks where you got it, what do you say?

I don’t think I could be honest.  I think I’d make up an Italian artist or declare it recently found on an excavation of a canal.   “Would you believe it’s an unknown Rembrandt I happened upon while digging in Holland?”

Do you use it to spark “that” conversation with your kids?

I just don’t know.

I think, for now, I’m going to save my money for the for the Kate Spade wedged sandals.  They just seem the simpler choice.

(No picture this week.  I didn’t buy the kit.)

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