This Week’s Lesson is from Cows

We went to Sturbridge Village and watched the farmers plow using 2 oxen and a plow.
We learned (I’m pretty sure I’m right):
A Heifer is a female cow before she has a baby.
A Cow is a mom.
A Bull can father calves.
A Working Steer is a male that can’t have kids until he is four.
An Ox is a male after four who works.

This totally made sense to me. My youngest two didn’t quite understand the difference between the working steer and the bull. Of course they asked as we walked away. If they’d asked while we were standing there, I would’ve had the farmer explain it.

I figure he can explain cattle reproduction way better than I can.

Now I have to take them to the ranch.

2 responses to “This Week’s Lesson is from Cows

  1. This explains a lot. Now it all makes sense.

  2. I went to Sturbridge Village when I was three. All I remember is climbing onto the stocks in the square (where criminals would be locked up for fornicating or thieving or whatever) and falling and hitting my head on some old cast iron stock fittings. Thus ended my interest in colonial village life.

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