Summer Vacation Caught Me Off Guard

Lately, I have felt as though I don’t have much to say. My energy is spent on telling my children to stay away from each other. It takes a lot of energy.

On social media, you see people stick kids in a giant shirt until they make up or hug until they’re happy. This sounds like it takes a lot of energy. I just want them to go to their separate corners until the bell rings. And since we don’t have a bell, I figure they should always be in their corners.

I have the in varying morning camps so that someone is always gone for the month of July. It’s amazing how taking one person out of the equation changes everything. It often doesn’t matter which one. Just change the numbers and they get along. It makes no sense to me, but I’m sure there a theory of relativity that explains it.

I’m about to get in a car and drive 7-8 hours to see my parents with all three in a car. We have a Honda Pilot which is not a small car. For the next 7-8 hours, however, it will be about the size of a Pinto.

And about as quiet.

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