I had a High School Morning

I felt like I was in high school this morning.  I had the equivalent to the thought: “Why is she more popular than me?”

Once I realized that it’s really hard to be the most popular girl once you graduate, I quickly changed my thought to: “Well, why doesn’t she like me?”

I hate days that start off this way.  Most of them don’t.  Most of the time I’m just too busy to really and truly care.  But occasionally, when I decide to look at Facebook before I drink a Diet Coke, I care.

I don’t look at others’ lives and think: “They’re life is so much better.”  I usually think: “I wonder how they staged that one.”

My high school nemesis was: “Why don’t they like me?  Why wasn’t I invited?  Why can’t my hair stand up that high?”

I am more mature now than in high school.  In general.  On a Tuesday.  And I have coping methods to waive away pity parties.  (Unless I bring cake.  Then I eat the pity party cake before waiving it away.)

Exercise generally helps.  So today at 9:45am I put on a bathing suit and did a few laps.

Because nothing is better for a low self-esteem than putting on a bathing suit.

What do you do when you feel like you’re back in high school?

I also turn to shoes.  They've never let me down.  They've given me blisters, but I know they don't mean to

I also turn to shoes. They’ve never let me down. They’ve given me blisters, but I know they don’t mean to

7 responses to “I had a High School Morning

  1. If I ever felt like I was back in high school, I would crawl into bed and hide there until the feeling passed. The further I get from that period in my life, the happier I am about it.

  2. Classic. Good one, Marianne. Captured the cauldron that is high school so damn well.

  3. I have private FB conversation with my friend Marianne. And she tries to not judge me for saying mean things.

    • Marianne Hansen

      She told me she generally only judges you for not wearing heels more often. They really make compression socks pop.

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