And What Do You Do?

How do you answer that question?

Last night we had a political meet and greet at our house.  I’ve spent the last month hanging things on the walls that had been on the floor below where they should be hung for the last year.  I bought some furniture that I’ve needed so that the house looks a little more put together.  I’ve been throwing things away and streamlining our house.

Yesterday I cleaned the house with some professional help.  While she was cleaning the floor, I was picking up clothes, rearranging the book case, going through the toys, vacuuming the base boards, washing the windows, doing the little things you only do when strangers come over.

Most of the food was purchased for me, but I put it out and I added some to it because it didn’t fill the table.

Kevin was in charge of the meeting.  He talked and I smiled.  Then I was asked what I do.

I never know how to answer that.  I don’t have an issue with the fact that I’m a stay-at-home mom.  I mean, I would love a full time job, but I honestly feel  like it’s best for my family to stay home.  Maybe that’s why I never know what to say… I would like to be able to say more.

I think I’ve written about this before.  But it’s a topic that comes up over and over again.

And part of the problem is that no matter how far we think we’ve evolved in accepting people for who they are, some people will always think stay at home moms nap all day.  I wonder if that’s because half the time I don’t shower until noon.  That isn’t due to napping, however.

Lately, when I do say that I’m a SAHM, the person I’m talking to usually goes out of their way to say how important that is and how wonderful it is, etc.  I also wish there was just a response that flowed with the conversation.  But there doesn’t seem to be.

What about you?  What do you say?  If you have a job, do you mention being a mom at all?  What’s a good answer? And response?

Look!  I Decorated.  This is What I Do so that I Look Like a FUN MOM!!! (the true ultimate goal)

Look! I Decorated. This is What I Do so that I Look Like a FUN MOM!!! (the true ultimate goal)

5 responses to “And What Do You Do?

  1. livrancourt

    I think it’s odd that in the space of about a generation, staying at home when you have children went from being the cultural gold standard to something you have to justify.

  2. I hate that question. My standard answer is either “when?” or “about what?”

  3. I love that too! “About what?” haha!
    I usually say that I’m a writer, but I’ve since changed it to I’m taking time off work to try to write a novel. For some reason that gets a better response. I don’t let them know that I’ve actually been ‘off work’ for ten years!
    And I hate telling people that I’m still trying to get published. Most people are now wondering when I’m going to give it up. Okay… I’m oversharing now.
    Thanks for the great post. Good to know others are in the same boat!

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