This week in what I learned on TV

I’ve been thinking I should bestow my wisdom that I have gleaned from watching TV while doing my laundry or cooking or cleaning or pretending to edit.  This thinking developing when I went to a writing class and the authors said you should train your brain to think about your characters and your plot during down time… While you fold laundry, cook, or while you drive.  I thought this was a wonderful idea except that I need to not think at all while I cook or fold laundry or I realize I’m cooking or folding laundry.  So I needed to come up with an excuse as to why I shouldn’t think about my plot during this time.

At about this time I also found the blog  It goes through each episode and shows the brilliance that is 90210.

This became the key to why I needed to watch TV while I did mundane household chores; I could share the wisdom I obtained with you.

You’re welcome.

This week I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls.  So far I’ve learned:

1. Don’t marry an ex, even if you’ve had his child and you’re in Paris, just a few episodes after you’ve dumped your on again off again romance for the whole series.

2.  Don’t make life altering decisions like dropping out of Yale after having a horrific dinner and conversation with your boyfriend’s father even if he is your mentor because this will mean you’ll end up the party planner for the DAR.

3.  You can still have a cute house and great clothes while eating out every meal and leaving tips for your love interest for the whole series.

4.  You can have an amazing body if you do eat out every meal only if it’s greasy food and you are never actually seen eating any of it.

That’s all I can remember right now.  I still have 2 episodes left and I’m sure there will be way more I can learn.

I can’t wait to share what I learn from watching Scandal.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN  (I decorate while watching TV too)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (I decorate while watching TV too)

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