My Fear of Christmas Trees

I cannot go to sleep if the Christmas tree lights are still plugged in.  It freaks me out.

I have no idea why.

Never once in my life have I seen a Christmas Tree catch on fire.  Lighted or not.  I’ve actually never seen anything catch on fire.  Unless a member of my family lit it on fire.

And yet, the fear remains.  They’ve changed the lights so that they are safer now.  They say on the package that they are safe.  So they must be. (At least safer than when people pinned lit candles to dead trees.)

And you can touch them now.  I remember when I was growing up, once lights were plugged in, you couldn’t touch them.  And the aluminum tinsel would melt to them if they touched.  We used to hold the tinsel over the lights and watch them shrivel.  It was hours of fun.

My children no longer have that opportunity as a pastime.  It’s kind of sad.

But no matter how safe the twinkle lights become, if I leave the lights plugged in at night, there is a chance my whole house will go up in smoke.  Even if it’s only in my mind.

I promise to be one of those bloggers who takes amazing photos at another time

I promise to be one of those bloggers who takes amazing photos at another time

Anyone else have any inexplicable fears during the Holidays?

(In case you notice that the lights on our tree are all on one side of the tree, it’s because it fell over.  And then I just threw the lights up.  It looks great in person.  If you stand next to the piano.)

6 responses to “My Fear of Christmas Trees

  1. I think you and my wife have this in common. 😉

  2. Brenda Logie

    LOVE your posts! have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

  3. I remember Christmas-tree fires hitting the news every year when I was a kid, but it never happened to anyone I knew. And it invariably happened late in the season, when the trees were tinder-dry after two weeks of insufficient watering.

    I’m with you, though. I won’t even leave the (new, safe, heatless) minilights on the tree on when we go out for an evening. Those cautionary videos were too memorable.

    • Marianne Hansen

      I never saw those films and yet I’m still afraid. I can’t imagine how I’d be if I’d seen them.

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