My Kids’ Top Ten Favorite Things from Europe

10. The train rides. (They could sit for hours at a time and play games or watch movies.)

9. The overnight train ride. (We slept in a coach sleeper with 6 bunks. There was a Japanese guy with us the kids kept calling Stranger. The kids just thought sleeping on a train was cool.

8. The Sound of Music tour. (It was cold and snowy in Salzburg and we were able to sit in a nice warm car and see where Maria fell into the lake.)

7. The picture kiosks at the Salzburg Christmas market. (They would run and click it on and make funny faces while the camera took pictures. Then they’d laugh at the pictures. We bought one family shot.)

6. Watching a marionette show in Salzburg. (This was the company that did the marionettes in The Sound of Music. We saw The Nutcracker which has some of the most bizarre scenes. There were corn stalks with doll heads dancing around. It was unique.)

5. Taking a cooking class and making our own pizzas.

4. Eating gelato every day.

3. Eating pasta twice a day in Italy.

2. No longer eating German/Austrian food.

1. The pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. (They would land on the kids’ arms and the kids chased them all over. We were in Venice two days and they kept wanting to go back to “that pigeon place.)

They did like the art and walks after they realized we were going to see museums and churches every day. (okay. They liked most, but tired out. Next time we do this, we’re going to train.)

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