Seattle Seahawks Nails

Last post, my friend Meghan made the comment “I’m on the side of doing whatever it takes to get through January and winter and the blues. Sports radio, nails, blogging—whatever. Keep doing it.”

I loved this because a couple of weeks ago, a friend was having a day of it and I picked her up and took her to get pedicures.  I told her that whenever I’m feeling incredibly down, I get my nails done.  Even when your life isn’t looking up to par, it’s always better without hang-nails.

I found this out in New York City.  I could get a manicure and pedicure for about $20.  When life got too much and I wanted an escape, I would get my nails done.

And I’m in need of a tiny, in town, while kids are busy, escape.

So I’m getting my nails done Saturday with a friend.  We’re getting them painted Seahawk blue and green.

Because if you need a completely frivolous pick me up, it’s best to do it to help your team.

(I can’t, with a clear conscience, post a picture of my nails.  They have some issues.  They shouldn’t be seen.)

4 responses to “Seattle Seahawks Nails

  1. You quoted me! I feel famous.

  2. Thank you so much for the flowers when I had a crappy day. Now I know I’ve got to amp it up a little so I can get a pedicure out of the deal.

    • Marianne Hansen

      Just don’t expect 2 lbs of Sees chocolates with it. I don’t have those connections anymore.

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