I Would Be A Lot of Fun at “The Mentalist”‘s Barbeque

I may have a slight issue.   It’s really hard to tell. I thought I’d share and get some second opinions. Because if you think you’re going crazy, you should ask people on the internet for a truly unbiased, yet medically sound diagnosis.

I’ve mentioned before that after my miscarriage, I found comfort, solace, and general escape from real life by watching The Mentalist. I’ve seen every episode a few times by now. Of course, I’m not really watching them to watch them, so even though I’ve seen one a few times, there are major plot lines I’ve missed. Maybe just side plot lines. But it’s amazing how much one can miss when one is not paying attention. (I’m pretty sure no one has realized this before and I’ve just changed the world.)

I decided I liked Simon Baker so I found the The Guardian. This show is not a comedy, however, and kind of intense and not exactly as carefree as The Mentalist.

The Mentalist is based on a man trying to find and murder a serial killer who killed his family. Turns out, one can have a pretty good sense-of-humor while trying to find a serial killer who killed one’s family.

So I decided to Google Simon Baker and see what else I could find.

He was also in a TV show called Smith, which there were only seven episodes. I saw all seven.

Then I watched The Devil Wears Prada. Then I watched it again to look more closely at the clothes.

In my defense, I never Googled personal stuff. I saw an interview on Jimmy Fallon where he and Fallon did Mick Jagger imitations but that was during a Jimmy Fallon You-Tube marathon. It’s amazing how much time you can waste clicking on games and weird things Fallon has done with guests on his show. Raw Egg Roulette is a favorite.

I digress.

So I don’t know Baker’s birthday or where he lives or his favorite color or what his sign is. I know he has a family. And he’s from Australia. But that’s it. And I know he’s in his 40’s. Maybe.  I think.

So I’m not exactly sure I would qualify as a stalker.

More of a temporary fan. (I’ve never watched this much of one actor in such a short period but when I was on my Beverly Hills 90210 fix, I did watch parts of the movie Dylan and Brandon did together on the Hallmark channel. I apologize for not researching the actors’ names. But they will always be Dylan and Brandon in my heart.  And I will always be willing to watch BH 90210 though I somehow feel as though I will outgrow Simon. Sorry.)


I do believe there may be a problem.  A tiny one.

Because during spring break when I took my kids to the Jazz game, I noticed Dante Exum is from Australia.  (Exum is an amazing rookie on the team and a blast to watch play ball.)

And I thought, “I should tell Simon.”


It took me a whole second for that to register.  That seems a second too long.

But I do think he’d like me if we did meet.  I’m great fun at barbeques.

(Due to the fact that I’m afraid of infringing on copyright and I don’t actually have any personal pictures of Simon Baker possibly because I don’t actually know him, I will not be including a picture in today’s blog post.  Thank you for understanding.)

11 responses to “I Would Be A Lot of Fun at “The Mentalist”‘s Barbeque

  1. Simon Baker also played bit role in a favorite neo-noir of mine, L.A. Confidential. His Matt Reynolds is a young hustler who get tragically used in a blackmail setup. Simon was quite good in it, and made a trifecta of good young Australian actors (along with Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce) in eye-catching entrances on to American film.

    That’s it. I’ve got nothing more. 😉

    • Marianne Hansen

      I love that film! I’d never realized Baker was in it. I’ll have to go back and rewatch those scenes. Over and over and over…

  2. livrancourt

    I kind of did that with Jonathan Rhys Meyers when he was on NBC’s Dracula. I kept an eye out for articles and photos on-line, but then Dracula got canceled and I forgot about him.
    Sorry Jonathan…

    • Marianne Hansen

      It really is sad how easy it is to move on with other things. Like our actual life. But I’m hoping to stay stalkerish long enough to get a trip to Australia out of it.

  3. So, perhaps you’d enjoy reading The Actor and The Housewife, by Shannon Hale. It’s one of my favorites…and you might recognize a similar theme about feeling familiar with a famous person one doesn’t quite know…and actually, you might really enjoy the story and the humor too…

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