My Weekend Part 1

Saturday was the movie premiere for Tomorrowland. The premiere was at Dowtown Disney so my friends and I decided to check it out. 

Cindy Crawford was there and Lance Bass but I didn’t get pictures of them. Then I got pictures of a couple people I don’t recognize but people screamed so I took pictures. Like one does. 


If you know any of them, let me know. I think one of them was a bachelor.  And Ashley Tinsdale was there but she looked very different than she did in High School Musical so I don’t have her picture. 

The people around us didn’t know who a lot of these people were either. We needed the lady in front of us at Splash Mountain. She knew Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin were in the park with their kids. I wouldn’t have noticed her either except when I got off the ride the lady in front of us was gushing at her. (I guess there is a Twitter site for celebrity sightings.) 


Supposedly you get Disney muscle to let you skip lines if you pay lots of money. The plaid vest is key. KEY PEOPLE. 

And the last guy we saw at the Tomorrowland premiere also seems really familiar. 

   We hung out later. He loves nachos. 

2 responses to “My Weekend Part 1

  1. I love nachos too. Maybe you could set us up?

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