Fashion District. Aka Home

Although the fashion district turned out different thank expected (I think I was thinking 5th Ave), it was wonderful experience. Things are cheap. It’s great. 

Let’s share some purchases, shall we?

  These were my $5 shoe purchase. I own nothing pink but they were $5

  These go with whatever I want them to. 

  And finally…  I had nothing to wear to country music concerts. There are a lot of rhinestones at those concerts. I felt very out of place last time I went and wore my Patagonia coat. But now I have this hat!  So I’ll blend in!

Those are some highlights. I may have also purchased a blue wig but so far no one can prove that. 

And all of my purchases were necessities. Ask Kelli. She agrees. You can’t go home without a purse with a brass knuckle handle. 

One response to “Fashion District. Aka Home

  1. Cool. Yeah, our Fashion District is quite different than NYC’s. Our Flower and Jewelry Districts are fun, too (as my wife can tell you). Our Grand Central Market in DTLA (as we hipsters say for “downtown L.A.”) is another must.

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