Cub Scouts and Poker

I’m spending the day at a Cub Scout Day Camp.  I’m in charge of 11 8-10 yr old boys.

I went to the information meeting.  They will occasionally have free time or a class will end early and I’m supposed to entertain them.

(insert a swear word)

In the bags we are carrying everywhere we go, there will be a deck of playing cards we can use for entertainment.

(insert a different swear word)

So being who I am, I’m googling “How to Play Poker” and “How to Teach Cub Scouts Poker.”

They can bring money for the trade post.

I’m hoping I have all of their money by the end of the day.

Because I volunteered for this.

And I should really be paid.

(insert a picture of me with a new pair of shoes.)

I am not actually going to teach 8-10 year old kids poker.  This is all a joke.  (I feel I need to post this disclaimer due to the fact people who take everything seriously are usually the most vocal ones on the internet.)

One response to “Cub Scouts and Poker

  1. Megan Goates

    Maybe card-playing would be a useful skill to add to the Cub Country curriculum. You’re broadening their horizons.

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