Fishbowl Contest

It’s FRIDAY!  You know what that means!

I don’t have to cook tomorrow!


It’s the day for the Fishbowl contest.

So here it is:

Whoever has the best idea for a contest wins a copy of the audio book on Audible!


If I can’t decide, then I will just randomly pick one.  And I may tell you that is what I did anyhow so everyone feels better because I am one of those parents who feels completely fine with participation medals.

Photo on 9-25-15 at 9.49 AM #2 Photo on 9-25-15 at 9.49 AM  I figured out how to use the backgrounds on my computer but I couldn’t figure out how to reverse the picture so you can actually read the title of the book.  I guess it doesn’t really matter because this is a copy of the British version.  And this contest is for an audio version.

So leave a contest idea in the comments and Good Luck!

7 responses to “Fishbowl Contest

  1. How about design a one-week menu that all the Rencher kids will like?

  2. Write a haiku about Marianne’s shoe predilection.

  3. How about…drawing blanks at the moment…people estimating how many shoes their spouse has? Yeah, any guess by husbands is surely to be wildly off, but worth a laugh. 😉

  4. Best knock, knock joke…

  5. Best knock, knock joke!!!

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