Perhaps a Mistake

There is a slight possibility I don’t like chili. I did not like tonight’s selection. But as I was eating it, I wondered if it was the brand or chili in general. 

I’ve never heard of this one before. It had wolf in the name and so I thought it sounded nice and wilderness-y.  Maybe it would taste better if cooked in the can over a fire, sitting next to Kurt Russell in fur and a huge mustache. 

The kids liked it and ate it. 

K = 3 out of 5 Kurt Russell mustaches

S= 4 out of 5 Kurt Russell mustaches 

J= sore throat and only drank the smoothie

  (The fruit smoothie also has veggies in it so I was totally Wonder Woman tonight)

(See what I did there?)

One response to “Perhaps a Mistake

  1. I love chili, but I haven’t eaten any kind but homemade in a really long time. I’m thinkin’ the canned stuff is a pale imitation of the real thing.

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