I am a humor writer, wife of a dentist, mother of 3 and purchaser of shoes.  I have a JD from U of Iowa, and an MA and a BA from BYU, but I’m still trying to convince my family I know what I’m talking about.  When not writing or watching bad television, I can be found answering the question: “What would happen if I…”


I spent the first half of my life in Connecticut.  In high school, I was uprooted from my home and moved to Utah.  I have been trying to move back East ever since.  I’m starting to think it will be just as easy to change that goal to moving to the Far East.

I attended Brigham Young University and got a degree in English, realized I had no employable abilities and got an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  The only full time job I could get was in Yemen so I went to the University of Iowa law school.

Then I married a dentist.  My husband balances being very lovable with being slightly neurotic.  Sometimes, or often,  I am the deciding factor on how that scale balances.

We ended up in Helena, Montana and now have three kids: 10, 8, and 6.  (I have decided to not write more here to respect their privacy because I do not respect their privacy anywhere else on this website.)

While in Helena, I became a member of the Montana bar, but my goal is to never actually practice law unless forced.  I have taught at a college and done some editing, but basically I am doing my best to let people know it is OK to live in suburbia while continually wondering how you got here.

That is me (or I).  Who are you?

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  1. Ray Christensen


    Thanks for inviting us to dine with you and Kevin, I think you called him Kevin. Alice and I enjoyed the conversation. Good luck with your election.


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