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Glorious 70’s

I miss the seventies.  Of course I don’t actually remember the seventies because I was born in 1973 and I don’t remember much during my first seven years but that is what google and cable tv are for.  According to Hollywood, the seventies were great.  You had encounters with aliens; you believed Walter Cronkite; the only colors that existed were yellow, orange, and red but you could make any pattern you wanted with any shade of these colors.  Shorts were shorter, but that is ok because tube socks covered half of your legs.  You could leave your house without a phone and not panic.  You didn’t have 24 hour news, and The Gap was a jeans store with rows and rows of jeans. Just jeans.

Sure there was social unrest and problems from a controversial war, but there were those huge station wagons you could throw all of your kids into the back without worrying about car seats and go to the drive-in.  Of course there was no gas to fill this monstrosity of a car, but now you are just being nit-picky.

Yes, I miss the seventies and all the fun I had in them.  I’m hoping for a flashback to remember some of the fun…  Children medicine was much more ‘powerful’ back then so it could happen.  (Now feeling nostalgic for medicine with alcohol in it so kids actually fell asleep instead of getting wound up after digesting it.  Sigh)