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Here’s to a Better Year

2015 has been a difficult year.  For a lot of people.  I can’t decide if it’s just a bad year or if life is cyclical and we are on a down turn.  I’m just not sure.

It’s the kind of year where you spend the whole day not realizing you left the size sticker on your shirt.  Where you put your hair up in a couple of curlers and you forget and leave them in while you go grocery shopping.  Where you wear heels to a Morrissey concert so you can see better, and he starts the concert an hour late when you can no longer feel your feet.

That last one may not be the greatest example, but it just happened to me Saturday so it’s fresh.

But when friends get sick or pass away or get divorced, life keeps going.  You can spend one night in a hospital and the next at a concert.  You can visit a friend sick at home and then take kids to a movie.  It always keeps going.

Sometimes I think it shouldn’t.

But I’m glad it does.

Because if life stayed in the bad parts, it would be too hard.

There has to be the occasional movie, day at the beach, laugh with good friends.

But that doesn’t stop me from hoping the second half of 2015 is better.

Like win a $1 million better.

That would be nice.

Here are the shoes.  They're amazing.  30 minutes at a time.

Here are the shoes. They’re amazing. 30 minutes at a time.