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Bieber Bi-polar Disorder

(There will be no picture today because I am afraid if I have a picture of JB, I will get hate mail from teenage girls for what I am about to write.)

I have a confession.  At least it feels like a confession and I would really appreciate it if we kept it to the world wide web.  You know, for privacy reasons.

I watched the Justin Bieber movie.  I was incredibly curious. (For full disclosure, I did the same thing with High School Musical.  I told people I watched it with my kids but my kids were 4 and 1 at the time.)  This time I watched it to make sure it was appropriate for the office.  Sometimes G movies try to slip in a couple expletives.  (I’m sticking with this story.)  I watched it while playing Legos with my sons. My daughter, hallelujah, was not interested.  The movie made me think I should take more videos of my kids in case they become famous and a biographical film is made about them at the age of 16.

I had mixed emotions.  And I believe I am embarrassed by both.

Emotion #1: I cried.  Now to be fair, I did not cry in the way that the fourteen year old girls were crying.  I did not start screaming JB’s name and clawing my television screen.  No.  I became emotional when his manager and mom gave away tickets to girls who didn’t have any.  One family got scammed on Craig’s List.  Another got ditched by a friend.  And another waited in line but was too late.  So these sad pathetic preteens were just hanging out with homemade signs and dreams of being discovered by JB even though the lights are so bright he can’t actually see the audience (I understand this because I feel this way with Barry Manilow).  When the girls started to cry and jump around, it made me happy.  I could imagine that happening to my kid and just being really grateful.  So I cried.  I am woman enough to admit it.

Emotion #2: perturbation  During One Less Lonely Girl, JB has a girl come out of the audience and he sings to her WHICH IS A TOTAL RIP OFF OF BARRY MANILOW taking a girl out of the audience and singing I can’t Sing Without You.  He now dances with a lady.  I’m pretty sure he was the first to do this just because of how old he is.    Watching JB also made me a little uncomfortable because he looks so young and I felt like I was watching a criminal act, seeing him flirt.  He really does look 12 and I’m not sure that is old enough to be flirting.

Emotionally, this was a very tiring film for me.  And now I know the words to three of his songs.  My day was full.