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How You Know You are Over Your Head.

I’ve been talking a lot about training for a mini-triathlon.  I’ve been nervous but I figured that if I trained, all would be well.  And although I don’t actually know how to swim, I’m learning.  I was feeling very proud of myself.  Because I can ride a bike and run.

And then I bought a used road bike.

I haven’t had a road bike since the Sears 10 speed I got when I was 16.  There were two brake handles and the gear shifters were levers.  I rode it everywhere.

My bike was blue. Racer blue. This is from bikejournal.com

Then in college I got a mountain bike and didn’t look back.  Until Saturday.

I bought the bike, brought it home, took it out of the car and tried to stand it up with it’s kick stand.  Racing bikes don’t have kick stands.  No problem.  I put my feet on the peddles which were smaller than I remember and started to ride.  Then I noticed there were no gear shifters where they should be.  (FYI learn this BEFORE the hill.)  The gear shifters are now the breaks which you will find out if you are nervous and unsteady and press the brake levers to the side and shift up instead of break.

I got home after figuring out my bike and sat down, discouraged.  I thought I’d had bike riding down.

But I guess it’s good for your kids to reverse positions and have them on the sidelines cheering “You made it to the end of the block without falling Mom.  You’re doing so good.  You CAN ride a bike.  Try to the end of the street this time.”