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It’s My Birthday.

It’s my birthday today.

It’s okay.

I love belated birthday cards.

I’ve been binge watching The Mentalist.  I recommend it for trying to avoid serious contemplation.  It’s mindless fun but with a plot you have to follow so you can’t think about other things if you want to try to figure out who the bad guy is.  Except that you never can because Patrick Jane has noticed a cat hair on the collar of a person in the other room and that is the one piece of evidence needed to know the solution.

And it’s kind of funny.  What more do you need?

If you do need something more, then there is something else I’m getting from the show.  The two main actors are older than me.  They will always be older than me.

And that’s a great birthday gift.

This SCREAMS Happy Birthday

Instead of a birthday hat, I’ll be wearing this

It’s My Birthday and I’m Going to Eat Cake

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m not really looking forward to it, so I don’t have much planned.  Actually, my plans end at 10am.  I’m dropping my kids off at 8:15 and then I’m picking up 20 cupcakes.  I will take these cupcakes to my training session with Anneliese and I’ll give one to her and then I will go home with 19 cupcakes.

Those are my plans until I pick up my kids at 3:15.

I haven’t yet decided if my kids will get any of the cupcakes or not.  They probably will.  Even I can’t eat 19 cupcakes in one sitting.  Ok.  In one day.  At least I don’t think I can.  Maybe I underestimate my abilities.

I may then spend 5 hours watching 90210 – the series based on Beverly Hills 90210 except without Dylan and to be completely honest, I see no reason to have the zip code 90210 without Dylan.  But the show was a complete mess which is pretty much what I look for in a television program so watching it while eating cupcakes sounds delightful.

But besides that, I don’t plan on the day being any different than any other day.  I think the best way to face getting older is to just get older.

And to use eye cream.  Lots and lots of eye cream.

Any advice on facing getting older?

40th Bday Part 1

I took a moment of silence this week in honor of turning 40. And I stopped crying about an hour ago.

It hasn’t been that bad, actually. I received KISS drinking glasses, Wonder Woman socks, a running belt, a drill set (which was obviously a gag gift), and  my husband took me to Italy to take the edge off (Post to come.)

My husband also threw me a surprise party. My friend, Sharon, had the job of getting me out of the house. She took me to a movie. We were supposed to go to Safe Haven. I decided I couldn’t sit and watch a couple 20-somethings who have no clue fall in love with each other while their metabolisms allow them to eat cake without thinking about the calories.

Instead we went to Die Hard.

I spent my 40th bday watching a 57 year old stand up after getting kicked in the gut a lot.

It was perfect.


Running belt, shoes, and KISS… The 40’s are looking ok.

I May Be Overreacting. But I Doubt It.

I turn 40 in a week.  One week.  My knees are starting to hurt.  And my back.  And the area behind my eyes.  And the toenail on my left middle toe.

I am thinking of getting eye surgery so I can get rid of my glasses.  I’m wondering if it will make me look younger.  But right now my glasses hide the crows feet.  So if I don’t have to wear glasses, I may also need to get laser facials to get rid of the lines around my eyes.

But if my eyes look younger people will notice my laugh lines more.  So I’m going to have to get those removed too.

And my hair isn’t as shiny.  So now I may need to get my hair dyed.

But then you’ll notice I look pale.  So I’m going to have to go tanning.  Which is going to be harmful on my skin.  So I’m going to have to get some more laser facials.

I’m tired now.  It must be my age.

(I’m not adding any photos today.  It’s all just too depressing.)