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I’m also Following Blogs from Australia

This may be the last bit of Simon Baker side effects in my life for a while.  Besides thinking I know him and naming my chickens after him, there isn’t much left.


While I was in my googling/stalking/I want to visit Australia stage of my life, or as some call it, April, I happened upon two blogs that are keepers.

And you should follow them.  Because they are interesting and humorous and have this wonderful bit where they chat for five minutes and post it.  It reminds me of conversations I’ve had with friends.  Except it’s only five minutes.  And that’s generally how long we spend trying to decide if we should cook dinner or buy something and throw it into Tupperware and tell everyone we made it.

Anyhow.  Here they are:

The Sharpest Pencil by Lana Hirschowitz and Life and Other Crises by Kerri Sackville

I actually think I would get along better with them than Simon Baker.  Mostly because if I asked them what hair care products they use, I bet they know and would tell me.  (This may be an unfair judgement of Mr. Baker due to the fact that I have never asked him what hair care products he uses and he could be very free with this information.  I’m just worried I’d be arrested by the time I got close enough to ask.)

The best part is if people tell me that stalking is wrong and a bit creepy, I can argue that I found these two blogs that make me laugh and I can listen to them for the exact amount of time it takes me to put things in a Tupperware bowl and slice a cucumber on top to make it look homemade.

And what more can one ask for?

Copyright law is confusing so instead of posting a picture of them, I'm posting a picture of my semi-sharpened pencil.  It connects to what I wrote if you don't think very hard.

Copyright law is confusing so instead of posting a picture of them, I’m posting a picture of my semi-sharpened pencil. It connects to their blog titles if you don’t think very hard.


I would like to thank the Acadamy…

I was nominated for a pay-it-forward blog award by Ironic Mom, a hilarious blogger/mom who I met in Canada at the Surrey Writer’s Conference.  I have learned a lot from her and her wordbitches posse.  And now I have the honor of thanking her for this award.  And for my first grade teacher, Mrs Sikes, who taught me how to write.

I believe she nominated me for The Stylish Award because one of my goals for the new year was to do my hair every other day and I have kept this goal.  I have 22 gold stars on my forehead to prove it.

To accept this prestigious, although little known, award I am supposed to let you know seven things about me.  I find it hard to think of interesting things that people may not already know, so I came up with seven things that some of you may know and some of you may not but know one knows all of them… (insert evil laughter).

1. My dream car is a 1970’s Mercedes Benz SLC coupe.

2. I am addicted to the television series Vampire Diaries, but I will not talk about it in public.

3. My brother locked me in a cupboard when I was 5 by telling me Mickey Mouse lived in it.  I have not forgiven him and will not until he pays for me to go to Mickey’s real home in Toontown at Disneyland so that I can discuss this childhood experience with the actual Mickey Mouse.  (I believe this will bring me closure along with a three day park-hopper pass.)

4. I asked Timothy Hutton how long his movie was because I had just had a Super Big Gulp and needed to know if I should pee now.  (He did not know what a Super Big Gulp was, but his assistant filled him in).  He told me to pee before the movie so I wouldn’t miss any of it, just in case.

5.  I miss attending Sundance Film Festival where I can have stimulating conversations with such people as Timothy Hutton.

6.  I climbed down and then back up the Grand Canyon for fun.  I never need to have this much fun again.

7.  I want to be a spy.

In order to continue to pay it forward, I need to nominate six bloggers for this award.

Here are my nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award:

1. Chronic Town – A good friend of mine was diagnosed with sarcoidosis when her son was three months old.  She writes about life with a chronic illness as a mom.
2. Wordbitches – this may be cheating because one of them technically nominated me, but their blog is a great place to think/learn about writing…
3.Just Crazy Enough to Be Normal – Andrea writes of the day to day life with kids.  It is very humorous with just the right amount of darkside…

4.Chattering Crow – Louise was my professor at BYU and I just really enjoy her short to the point entries.  (And she gave me an A, showing her innate intelligence)

5. Sheralynn Pratt – an up and coming author who I met at the Twilight Eclipse premiere.  Anyone willing to sign books at that madness deserves an award.

6. Dances with Chaos – she is a mom who is figuring out how to write amid chaos; it is a fun ride…

In order to accept The Stylish Blogger Award, these nominees must do the following:

Write seven things about yourself.
Present the award to six bloggers.
Contact those people.
Create a link back to the person who did this for you.
If these nominees do not wish to accept the nomination, they can donate money to heifer international or ignore this post. The choice is theirs. (I must thank Leanne for the addition of this last bit.)