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Because I’m a Rebel

As someone who is doing her best to “get out there,” I read a lot of blogs by agents, authors, and people with all around good advice.  One thing they all say: “Be polite on your blog.  Remember it’s public.  Don’t go on rants (or at least not on a regular basis.)”

This can be hard because I have to remind myself that people I am not actually related to read this.  People who I have not actually met read this (at least two of them.)  My unfailing wish of goodness for all people does not always come across in my writing.  Especially when I am giving the top ten list why certain people should not be allowed to work a cash register. (I have not actually written this but I can think of three right now.)

But sometimes being polite gets to be too much.  Sometimes I want to use this really tiny platform to make a really tiny stand and rant and rave; politeness be damned.  Which is how I am feeling right now and I hope you don’t mind.

So right now, although you can’t see me, just trust me, I am writing this while chewing with my mouth full AND my elbows are on the table.

Ok. I’m done.   Because I don’t plan on being impolite too often, my next ranting probably won’t occur until I start Christmas shopping.

(Sorry no pictures.  If I post a picture of my rebellion, my mom will call and ask if she didn’t teach me better.  I need plausible deniability.)