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Happy New Year!

For the record, I’ve been writing over 1,000 words a day this week.  I just haven’t written any of them here.

I was going through a writing freeze for a minute because I couldn’t decide what to write so now I’m just writing stuff that no one will see, but I’m writing.  It’s my new goal.  Just enjoy writing.

But in case you’ve missed all of my amazing parenting advice over the holidays, I thought I’d leave you with my new meal plan for 2016.

For Thursdays.

I only have a meal plan for Thursdays.  And I think I only have meal plans for about 6-8 weeks.  I haven’t done enough research.

But yesterday, while looking for tomato puree and buying diced tomatoes instead, (NOT THE SAME) I walked passed the beans and I thought:

“I should make a different chili recipe every week and have my kids vote.”

Then I walked passed the CANNED chili and I thought:

“EVEN BETTER!  We should try a different CANNED chili once a week and decide which we like best.”

(I thought about doing a taste test in one night but that’s a lot of pots to clean.)

So there is my meal plan for the next few weeks.  I don’t know how many brands of canned chili are out there so I can’t give you an exact week count.  And if my kids revolt, this amazing idea may end early and I’ll switch to taste testing canned spaghetti sauce.

I think I could keep up Taste-Test Thursday all year; there are so many canned foods out there.

(I don’t have a picture.  Instead, go to your grocery store and stare at the canned chili for a while.)

I will have nice and warm Rhodes rolls to go with the chili and I’m sure I’ll find some sort of veggie to serve along with it.  (That’s for people who are worried about balanced meals.  FYI, you’re web search sent you to the wrong site.)

2016: Let’s make it the year of CAN do!

(I crack myself up)