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The Average Mom Contest!

I’m doing a contest for Mother’s Day.  It’s for the average mom who rarely wins anything.  It’s for moms like me who have taught their daughter how to make cup of noodles  so I don’t have to make dinner on weekends.  The moms who take kids to the movies because she wants to look like she does things with her kids’ friends without actually having to talk to them.  The moms who love Lunchables because it’s one less thing to do in the morning and you can get up at 7:10 instead of 7am.  (I added an apple today to the Lunchable.  So it’s a homemade lunch.)

Mom’s who do their best to make it through another day.

Leave a comment about your average day or email me at mariannehr<at>mac.com.  And you can nominate a friend as well.  I’ll pick a random winner Wednesday and send them:

Harry and David’s chocolate covered strawberries!!!  That you should eat alone.  While hiding in the closet.

(PS.  This is my first contest and so there may be some bumps on the way.  But I will make sure someone gets the strawberries!!!)

Here is a great example and first entry!!!

Here is a great example and first entry!!!