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Cub Scouts and Poker

I’m spending the day at a Cub Scout Day Camp.  I’m in charge of 11 8-10 yr old boys.

I went to the information meeting.  They will occasionally have free time or a class will end early and I’m supposed to entertain them.

(insert a swear word)

In the bags we are carrying everywhere we go, there will be a deck of playing cards we can use for entertainment.

(insert a different swear word)

So being who I am, I’m googling “How to Play Poker” and “How to Teach Cub Scouts Poker.”

They can bring money for the trade post.

I’m hoping I have all of their money by the end of the day.

Because I volunteered for this.

And I should really be paid.

(insert a picture of me with a new pair of shoes.)

I am not actually going to teach 8-10 year old kids poker.  This is all a joke.  (I feel I need to post this disclaimer due to the fact people who take everything seriously are usually the most vocal ones on the internet.)