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When Life Gives You Anxiety, Make Toast

For a blog to be successful, you are supposed to have a specific topic you stick to.  I would say that my topic is “Life;” not exactly narrow.

I think I’ve narrowed my topic in my head.  I don’t normally write too much on current topics.  (I don’t want to be taken as an authority on anything.)  I occasionally write on pop culture.   (Focusing on teen series of the 80’s and 90’s and Simon Baker.)

But generally this blog is about my life and the absurdity of life in general.

Occasionally something happens that is so absurd, so stupid that I actually react negatively to it (Hello Anxiety) and I can’t write about it.  All the while wanting to write about it.   (Just go with it. It’s much easier than trying to figure it out.)

Something like that happened Sunday.  I tried to help a difficult situation and instead escalated it.  I would compare it to thinking I was lighting a candle but instead it turned out to be dynamite.  A woman yelled at me.  And then yelled at everyone.  It was intense.

That’s all I can say.  I don’t do well with conflict.  I understand she has mental illness, but that doesn’t stop me from being mad.  I can’t run out my anger because of my foot and I can’t write out my anger because I don’t have words yet.

It’s times like these I wish this blog had more of specific topic.

That’s why I’m going to turn it into a Food Blog with recipes.

Tomorrow we start with toast.

All recipes will be able to be paired nicely with a vintage Diet Pepsi.

All recipes will be able to be paired nicely with a vintage Diet Pepsi.

Rum and Coke

Background: minus the slight cultural confusion at the beginning of my LDS mission, I’ve never truly drunk alcohol. I have, however, gotten drunk off of children’s cough syrup. In other words, I’m a light weight.

Recently I was at a restaurant, not in Montana, that had a bar in it. I was meeting Kevin there and I got there first. I decided to order a Diet Coke.
My waiter nodded and walked away.
He came back with a drink. I was thirsty and desiring caffeine. I put a straw in and took two large gulps. Then I took a sip to verify I had a Rum and Coke. (ok. This is an assumption on my part but it’s the only drink with Coke in the title and I know Rum is dark because I saw one being made once. I’m very metropolitan.)
The waiter took a while to come back so I took a another sip to see why people like Rum and Coke. I still don’t know why.
When the waiter returned I asked him if I had a Diet Coke. He said I did. I said I didn’t think so. He said I did. I took one more sip because maybe I was confused and I was feeling very, very odd at this point. I said I think they needed to change the box.
He said, “Well, we don’t have Diet Coke. We have Diet Pepsi.”
I thought: ” So you brought me a rum and Coke?”
I said, “Then I’ll have one of those.”
This time when he brought the drink, I took a hesitant sip.

What I Learned
1. If you would like a diet drink, ask which brand they have. Do not assume you will get whichever diet soda the restaurant serves. Or always ask for Diet Pepsi. The drink isn’t called Pepsi and rum so there should be less confusion. And Diet Pepsi is better anyhow.
2. It takes 2 large and 3 small swallows of Rum and Coke to get me tipsy. (this surprised me because I can handle way more cough medicine.)

Taste Test Results

I just performed a complete unscientific, non-blind taste test.

I like Diet Pepsi better.

But not tons better because I just mixed up the cups and I can’t remember which is which.

Neither Diet Coke nor Diet Pepsi are as good as milk with chocolate cake, however.

If you would like me to perform any other unscientific, non-blind and possibly even slightly rigged opinion tests, let me know.

The Cheez-Its are unrelated and had no impact on this taste test.

Why I drink Diet Pepsi

I drink soda.  (or pop if you are from a different area of the nation.  For me, Pop = Shasta.  If I wanna Pop, I wanna Shasta.)

I understand it is not good for me.  But I am a selfless person.  I drink Diet Pepsi to help the environment.

When I drink water, I know it is healthier for me, but I also know there are droughts around the country and I figure if I drink more soda, there will be more water for others.

It’s my own meager attempt to be an environmentalist.  Because recycling is kind of a pain.